Active Travel is the only answer to sustainability from transport pollution while keeping us healthy and fit.

2020 (not 2021) started with a Bang. Months of planning my epic Roadtrip from Bangalore to Bhutan finally happened. With lot of fear and apprehension, we did start and complete the 13 day 5 states, 2 countries, 7000 kms drive on the 8th January 2020.What seemed a very daunting task till we started, finally did go through. With planning, luck, excitement and enthusiasm something new, something different and something bold did happen…. Read More

So here we were, finally travelling to Abu, as a family.Sitting in the Bangalore airport lounge around 10:30 pm at night,tired after the entire process of reaching Bangalore airport by Road,navigating baggage,immigration etc. So when the kids told me they were hungry , it was obvious.Only issue was the boarding call had started and almost all boarding completed except for the 4 of us.Why? Because the chicken noodles was getting prepared in… Read More

A Cross Country Roadtrip between India and Bhutan covering 2 countries, 10 cities and 8000kms of fun.

Kanpur is an Amazing city, torn between time.Landing in a makeshift airport, travelling a city with a glorious industrial past and futuristic technology minds.(IIT-Kanpur).A Road trip in Kanpur can be so fulfilling and yet so enigmatic. Try Kanpur by road and local cuisine and the local language can be so enchanting. Dont finish without a small interaction with the IIT – Kanpur Students and their plans to change the world. Delivering a… Read More