I have been mulling over a blog on road trips for sometime now. I am a self confessed fan of road trips though not done many yet .Nevertheless the need to express and share something on these lines got the better of me and here I am writing my first blog post.

Have to confess that the lazy me eventually took this up more in memory of my dad whom I lost last month.While I have not really been on many road trips,one of the most memorable one was with my dad, probably the most defining one in my lifetime till now.I will describe that trip in my next post,but for now I will stop to only reaffirm my faith in road trips and a solemn promise to start doing more trips in the time to come. cmon my kids are also 5 and 3 now, so my wife cant complain that road trips are dangerous for small kids..etc. follow nike.just do it.



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