So, it was. July on the 12th, returning from my friend’s house in South Delhi. That once in a lifetime moment of truth.A single decision that changes your course of life forever. Taking that leap of faith.Guess it was my turn, that 12th of July 2002.I took that leap of faith.Yes, it was bye bye Noida/Delhi. Time to move on. Make a new start. Bangalore.

It’s so strange that once you decide things, they really start becoming clear. Your views are only in one direction. At least for me that always worked. Now began the timing, planning and action.

So, I decided to pack up everything and make new start in life…Yes start from zero. Calculating is always easier that way. I sold / left everything back including my fond Hero Honda splendour. bike. Took the one-way trip in my Maruti 800 car and headed from Noida to Bangalore. Where, How, Why. Those were Questions whose answers, I hoped will fall in place. As when I started, the Trip I dint have any.

While my family were very confused about my decision. Dad was quiet and supportive. His only condition was to allow him to come with me during the trip to Bangalore. I agreed only with the condition that once we reach Bangalore, he would leave me and go back to Bhubaneswar, no questions asked. He agreed.

Post Note –

That was almost 10 years back, Here I am now settled in Bangalore for last 10 years. I have a career (which I never knew could exist), have a family (with 2 boys who are my best buddies), have a house to live in and of course a car to do more road trips. But nothing can ever beat this life changing decision of doing the one way road trip in 2002 from New Delhi to Bangalore, with my father.Those amazing 5 days of my life. I am going to write about them in the next post.

For Perspective few other things have also changed since that 2002 Trip.

Dad is no more. He died month and half back. March 2011.
His first trip in Bangalore was St. John’s Hospital. We stayed there for 3 days.(Thanks to my doctor friends.Albert & Geetanjali)
His last trip in life was also to St. John’s Hospital, earlier this year. I reminded him about that day in March 2002 when we had reached Bangalore after the long drive of 5 days.He was very weak and could barely walk. But remembering that trip brought out a smile in him. Few weeks later he passed away.
Albert and Geetu have also moved back to Delhi. My bestest buddies in Bangalore, my Sanity.
But that trip in 2002 will always cherish in my heart. Road trips can be so much adventure and fun. And sometimes the best moments of your life.I urge all people to do it sometimes in their lifetimes.




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