I can never forget the months long road trip made in France long long time back when I had been there just after college.Beautiful as France is as a country.Even more splendid is the countryside and the beautiful sea coasts of France.
The beauty of it all is I think only by Road.If the chills of Paris in the morning will get at yu the sweaty coastal climate of the french reveira will leave nothing to imagination from both the heavenly and earthly beauties.

Of course unlike germany where the autobahn is free to ride and on doesnt have to pay taxes for drving ,in France the roads are very very good and well maintained will the deligient road taxes that one pays for most of the toll based roads.

But trips down Marseille,Montpellier,Toulon and Monaco are really to be enjoyed.Road trips are very common in France specially in the weekends most families pack off for the weekend to a sea beach or country side.Traffic every friday and monday from and away from Paris is overwhelming…but the joy of road tripping for two days away from the city is too much for one to give up.

the country side of france is also very very scenic and road side sunflowers feilds and wine of every color and hue and taste are very common sites as one travels by road.Highway cafes with lot of McDonalds spread out is very helpful and gives that much sort of break after travelling for hours together at over 120 kmph speed is awesome.
We off course did our entire road trip in france in a Renault mini van, with hindi music playing..I remeber kumar sanu songs very popular then were our companion for most of the journeys.

Some sights which will never cease to haunt are mentioned below.

I must admit the beaches and french beauties top the list even now.What was shocking was the ease with whihc every person was in their beach fashion wear ,which at some beaches meant nothing,was indeed a very rude culture shock to me initially.Of course I very soon learnt the tricks of the trade 😉

The beautiful wine gardens and the country side wine cellars huge as they are are will surely be a huge draw,specially inside these cellars are huge wine barrels almost 20 feet high and free for tasting :)hic.

In germany the harley family fleet was an awesome sigh.To see fathers,mothers and children as smal as two year olds dressed smartly in black leather tights,jackets,helmets and their roaring harleys ,truly awesome and i think they live to ride.

The mountain biking and trecherous roads of the pyrennes mountains with bikers speeding there many times to their deaths makes one wonder where the passion ends and the madness begins.

The beautiful town of La Rochelle and the wonderful time with the family I spent there.

The beautiful mediterranean sea both on water and under water experience is wonderful.The wonderful musean oceanic in monaco with sharks swimming all around you is breathtaking.

There are so many more instances during the road trip of france that it might take many many attempts to capture them in words.


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