Well, these days I have absolutely forgotten that Road Trips can extend beyond brookefield to Silk board. ( My home to office šŸ™‚ ).so anything beyond really is a big bonus.

Couple of weeks back I got an opportunity to visit the NIT Suratkal Campus for Campus hiring.Keen on any form of travel I was eager to take it up.The early morning flight from Bangalore to Mangalore was refreshing..I get up at 5:00 am anyways….but the cab guy broke my recod ..advising him to come at 5:15..our man reached the apartment at 4:45 am and the ring of our intercomm actually woke me up.Anyways the trip to airport and flight to Mangalore was nice.

Landing into mangalore amidst clouds with almost zero visibility..did cause a flutter in my heart..with the recent mangalore crash in my mind.Nevetheless thankfully we landed safely and got out to a very green and fresh Sunday morning sun of Mangalore.

I had been to this airport earlier but today it looked very green and fresh after the overnight rainfall.

Walking down the tarmac to reach the lounge..I looked over the barricades and few vans now lined up demarking the end of the runway and from where the ill fated aircraft had run down 2 years back.The airport is very scenic undoubtedly.it was table top with the runway almost like the measuring tape traversing the start and finish line.

entering the airport..I quickly noticed a prepaid cab service and booked a cab to suratkal.?It very convenient and welll managed .I paid at the counter and with the receipt had just walked out when the cab with the number mentioned in my reciept pulled up and asked me to get in.

The drive is not much long but the way is little tricky and so i waited for the almost 45 minutes drive through scenic Mangalore. Mangalore always reminds me of Goa somehow…the small houses with thatched roofs the greenery around and the hilly roads of Bajpai ( airport is located here).he cab quickly twisted and turned into roads that brought us from the table top airport to the more grounded roads…and soon the greenery passed into roads with lorrys carrying lot of oils from the Mangalore refinery.I did notice lot of IOC and HP petrol bunks…and soon the highway road started …

I clicked a few photos and here and these from the cab and with the windows down enjoyed the cool sunday breeze as we headed towards suratkal.The town ship was so reminiscent of Indian towns with the 2 wheelers and cows and smaller busus unlike the volvos of Bangalore.

Traffic as chaotic as in Bangalore city with vehicles coming from all direction.Soon we were headed towards lesser crowded streets and more open highways..It must have been hardly 10 minutes in this stretch that I started seeing department sigh boards and realized that we were in the campus vicinity.Suratkal is a huge campus and I was told almost 250 acres…stretching both sides of the open highway and leading to the sea from one side.By now humidity was getting high as I entered the main building of NIT Suratkal.

The Campus is nice with many old time building with few glassed ones..But surely a very resto touch to this awesome college and awesome campus where I spent the full day with very smart and bright students.

NIT Suratkal was indeed a good place and nice ride .A small road trip but a memorable one..and surely look forward spending more time on the streets of Suratkal some time soon.


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