Many Trips are memorable but not so many are forgetful too. This was an impromptu trip which in retrospect I regretted.

Bangalore-  Chikmangalure is a short an sweet roadtrip  for anyone looking for a quick coffee break.

it was a surprise trip for mom who was told we are going to have coffee outside, she realized that coffee was only 250 kms outside in the coffee capital of Karnataka, Chikmangalure.

Try it wont regret, visit the Serai Hotel. We couldn’t afford to stay there but the coffee there was honestly beautiful but the hotel is out of the world. The Katmandu Soaltee crown plaza is something similar. of course i was an employee oh BASS hotels for a short period of time and hence could visit and see an awesome hotel in Kathmandu called the Soaltee Crown Plaza.The few photos are from the Serai, Chikmangalore.


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