London is an amazing city..and to cover all of it in one day is simply impossible…and being a first timer, not aware of the various tube connections nor the bus routes, the only alternative seemed to walk it….yes, walking:). Many might say it is impossible but i think if you venture into this option ,you will have an amazing memory of a lifetime….A different sort of a road Trip..Not really country roads and rubber hitting the road but for once city roads amidst the bustling london streets of red buses and back taxis….here is an amazing tale of a road trip in the city of london ..all in a single day..with me are my cousin Suman and her italian friend.

London City near Hyde Park  London Street.

Inside Hyde Park The Serpentine Lake, Hyde Park,London.

Princess Diana Memorial - Hyde Park Princess Diana Memorial ,Hyde Park,London


Victoria Memorial,London


Palace of Westminister, UK Parliament,Big Ben,London.


137Thames, London Eye,London with Suman,My Cousin.


IMG_4470Tower Bridge,London.

London Tube - City's Saviour London Tube.

154London Bridge.


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