Finally could drive to the southern tip of India,Kanyakumari. This place was in my scheme of things for a long time as every day my drive to work included a small stretch through the NH-44, and the NG signboard showing Kanyakumari. I always felt the calling to drive off to the southern end of india. But Time and Tide are not bounded by human fantasies.So I had to wait for that day when I could finally plan for the drive to Kanyakumari.

That day finally came in December 2018.Every December for last few years we do this long drives, but Dec 2017 was little bothering as I could not do a Trip to some tourist destination but took a trip to Sakra hospital in Bangalore where I spent most part of December and Jan 2017 / 2018.This trip was my first one in an Ambulance, and yes, as a patient. Dec 2017 was spent in my surgery and post surgery recuperation. There was a point in time when I was even skeptical that I could drive ever. But Thanks to God and so many people prayers, I recovered and could also drive after a period of time. So When I got the opportunity , I dint want to loose it.I thought this recovery should be celebrated by driving to the Southern Part of India. Kanyakumari :).

The usual planning , booking and budgeting was over. We planned to coincide the trip to kanyakumari to few places of Kerela which we had not done earlier.Varkala, Poovar and Kovalum,keeping our kerela base as Trivandrum.That became our 10 day Road Trip Itiniery for Dec 2018.

Places to Mention.Sunrise at Kanyakumari is Awesome.Must Try.

Places to Mention – Poovar backwaters ( negotiate with the local boats and their contractors), Varkala Beach for a lonely quite time, try walking in the shores of varkala, not much crowd. also along the way try visiting different churches, there are so many of them in so close distances.


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