Church of Velankani at Night.

Some Road Trips are not for seeing outside but for seeing within.This trip was one such. Velankani. Well, Velankani has been in my plans but somehow never happened. Finally the guilt took over and I decided to do it.This one for the soul.A Spiritual Road Trip.

Velankani, I remember pretty well from my school days.I had this friend in School, who along with family used to do this trip probably every year and would always come and give me a Red or Black color ring Ring.I loved that gesture.

Also then I always thought Velankani a place in Kerela. However google, my best tutor, told me otherwise. Velankani was in fact in TamilNadu and a 500 km drive from Bangalore.So, to coincide with my birthday last year , I decided to do this 1000 kms drive in 24 hours and take my mother along this time.Thats how this happened.A Pilgrimage by Road to a Holy place with Mother and Son, on my birthday 🙂

Its a good drive, although hot in many stretches, surprised by the lack of greenery in this part of country but the destination is nice, serene and spiritual with a beauty of the church specially in the evenings.The adjoining beach and the flea market are also nice to explore.and finally I got to buy those red and black velankani rings which had started the original curiosity many years back. 🙂

Tips – Drive route from Tanjavur, Trichy,Salem,Bangalore is better and advisable.

Stay – Hotel MGM Velankani. Good for family.

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Drive time will be mostly 7-8 hours with a small breaks for snacks and lunch.Keep Water bottle handy.

All in all, nice spiritual road trip of 1000 kms in 48 hours, to mark the entry into the next phase of  life:)

Few snaps.

Here’s the Google Map for Driving Directions.


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