Nov 2019- IIT – Kanpur By Road.

Kanpur is an Amazing city, torn between time.Landing in a makeshift airport, travelling a city with a glorious industrial past and futuristic technology minds.(IIT-Kanpur).A Road trip in Kanpur can be so fulfilling and yet so enigmatic.

Try Kanpur by road and local cuisine and the local language can be so enchanting.

Dont finish without a small interaction with the IIT – Kanpur Students and their plans to change the world.

Delivering a Key note address to the Students of This Famed Institute was a Great Feeling.

The Institute itself is so vast and calm, cycling or walking around can be so relaxing.The Canteen in the CompuSc. Block served hot paratas and sitting in the canteen eating food as like the students unlike many Star Studded Hotels we are sometimes fortunate to be in as Part of Corporate Programes feels humbling.

A Combination of work with local sightseeing in the evening in Kanpur is so cool and the city’s great heritage so inspiring.

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