So here we were, finally travelling to Abu, as a family.Sitting in the Bangalore airport lounge around 10:30 pm at night,tired after the entire process of reaching Bangalore airport by Road,navigating baggage,immigration etc.

So when the kids told me they were hungry , it was obvious.Only issue was the boarding call had started and almost all boarding completed except for the 4 of us.Why? Because the chicken noodles was getting prepared in the small airport lounge eatery. My wife and kids frantically calling out to me from the exit gate and I am like yes,yes  1 min, coming.2 mins. etc.Finally, with no time left , I grabbed the paper plates of noodles and rushed to enter the flight. Finding and sitting on our seats was no issue as most of the passengers had seated comfortably, of course few glares towards us as we trotted into the aisle to find our seats with 2 plates of hot noodles, in my hand. The smell of which must have intrigued few passengers and pissed off more, but so very nice of “etihad” flight crew to smile and usher us to our seats.

But why is this trivia worth mentioning in the travel blog post. Surely I am not mistaken for a food blogger. 🙂 Well, you must know folks, what happened to the 2 plates of hot chicken noodles. Just as we were fastening our seat belts readying to complete our food before take off; My younger son with his super special motor skills, managed to give a simple accidental flick with his elbow to the 2 plates of noddles which was resting in my wife’s hands to be eaten. The gently flick, was gentle no doubt but enough to topple the 2 hot plates of chicken noddles straight from the hand to the super clean floor of the etihad aeroplane. Alas, so much for hunger and noodles. Welcome to the Abu Dhabi Trip. 🙂

Abu Dhabi is a very beautiful place, I must say.Off the hustle of Dubai ,with clean and wide roads sparsed population. Enough for a quite life. If its  not in your Dubai Itiniery, it should be.2-3 days spent here will relax you during your Dubai vacation and if you are a Driving fan, the Desert Safari with the Land Cruisers Offroading is a must and of course the one and only Ferrari World. This for the automobile diehards.

Places of Interest, Visited. – Abu Dhabi .The Corniche, Emirates Palace, Sheik Zayed Grand Mosque, Ferrari World.Abu Dhabi City Walk. Yas Island(Yas Merina F1 Circuit).

Dubai, in contrast , is a different Story.Its very cosmopolitan place.People from across the globe live and work here,It compares to any global city.Modern,Stylish and Efficient.

Dubai is home to so many beautiful beaches and palaces and of course the Huge towers (Burj).While Dubai is like New York, Mumbai,Paris,London is many ways.A visit to the marvel of asia is the worlds tallest Structure The Burj-Khalifa.(828Metres Tall).One can wonder the marvel of engineering and human effort.This place in the day and evening is a must visit and a travel up into the tower is as good as the ride up the Eiffel Tower in Paris.A 2-3 Day tour of the places to visit in Dubai is good for short budget trip.But end the trip with a visit to the Miracle Garden, the worlds largest Natural Flower Garden.

One will be surprised that a visit to Dubai will cover so many worlds largest.Surely Money, Effort and Human Imagination can do wonders.Drive around Abu Dhabi and Dubai to see the wonders of the modern world.Its amazing.

Places of Interest, Visited. – Dubai. – Burj-Khalifa, Burj-Arab,Miracle Garden,Dubai Mall,Palm Jumeirah, The Atlantis, Dubai Marina.

Also must mention two very nice people,My BIL and SIL,Kenneth and Shilpa, who hosted us around the same time in 2017 in Abu Dhabi. Their hard work and very good planning helped us see through this Trip.

Some pics from our Trip. 

Adding few More Photos, as per feedback.


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