Hi Folks – A typical Sunday run. usually I do the 30 mins run mosr sundays.. Sunday Runday has become a routine..more than my sunday mass which I miss honestly for some petty reasons many a times but a sunday runday seems have gone into my system pretty well. I started looking forward to a sunday morning run. slowly the 30 min run became a min 5 k run . of course one must do a 5k within 30 mins but I just cant seem to clock anything less then 33 mins for a 5k. made me realize the value of a min or 60 seconds.

As I have thought to go for the professional TCS run for which I have registered and also paid the min 1500RS, I have since last 3 weeks started doing a 10k run every sunday with the hope that the 15th may sunday 10k wont seem such a big hurdle. You see running is mostly about the head than the legs. the battles o the mind are more difficult than the pain in the knees.

Anyways today too I started the morning run around 6:00am and by the time I completed 2 km and crossed the typical road I usually take , I decided to take a detour and entered into a smaller lane and from there onwards the road just dint seem to end as I passed through chai shops and few muttons shops preparing to sell the sunday delicacies, i easily corssed the 5k mark and typically was a sign to make the u turn. however I just felt to go on and reach the highway which i was more familiar as i usually drive past these roads. Finally the narrow lanes gave way to a wider path and some beautiful bungalows sidelined the fresh morning path. I was guessing this place and absolutely it turned out to be the beautiful Whitefield residential area which houses some of the best old world bungalows in Bangalore. As ireached the faimilar church which we do go to sometimes, iknew the road from there and hence started running back homewards.

1 hour and 10 minutes later as I entered my complex , the run seemed pretty more tougher today , I felt I was only running uphill though that us obviously not possible. I had to run past my typical stop point for a few hundred meters more to reach my 10 km mark .

on reaching home after gulping 2 liters of water and a warm chai in my hand i went through the NRC app for the route map of my morning run and was pleasantly surprised to see the heart shaped route that i traversed during my run today.

of course I don’t believe in signs or destiny or manifestation but still I wanted to believe here was natures way of conspiring to show my love for this wonderful hobby and passion called running…

Sunday 10k Heart shaped Trail.


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