So here comes Fathers Day, a very important day in every parents life. Fathers specially have changed roles over the years. From hands-off to very hands-on , From no paternity-off days to weeks off for paternity breaks, Fathers are trending and so is Fathers Day. While every parent, new father’s or seasoned father’s, all care for their children in very different ways and show their love, affection and responsibility in various different ways, I urge every Father to become active, pursue sport and more so, start running.

Running is a simple sport, needs no special equipment, no special investment, no formal training or no special time, age, excuse. Just a simple start and little discipline will take a long way into the years as they pass by and help you to be healthy and happy for your children.

As for My Fathers day, it was special. A nice photo stand with “Heroes don’t always wear capes” quote was special and the T-shirt was a surprise. So what better way to return the gesture but by dedicating this 10 k run to my kids and to all the Father’s, wishing them a wonderful Fathers day on 19th June 2022 and of course every day of the year.

Being a Parent is a Responsibility and Taking care of Parent’s is a Privilege.

Happy Fathers Day!! 🙂


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