It has been raining in Bangalore. The notorious meme’s about the IT capital drowning in land lakes and boating the only option for travel or fishing inside your plush villa submerged in water were all shared, liked, disliked and forgotten. That was almost a month back. Things are better now, the rain Gods are silenced, and things are BAU (business as usual).

So since the last two days the re-occurrence of rain and drizzle, that too peaking in the morning dawn around 4:00am / 5:00am was surprising. For me this is the golden hour. Since long I have become a 5:00am person and the early morning outdoors, the scent, scene and pristine calmness really rejuvenates me, makes me feel alive and gives a great boost to a new start, a new day. And going for a morning run just tops the list.

But the rains have played spoil sport for the last 2 days and I was getting a little annoyed. I can miss a wednesday run but surely not the consecutive wednesday and a thursday. Hence while tuesday was manageable, wednesday too I lost to rains, looking at the gloomy skies and the downpour, I decided to wait for another day. Things settled down towards wednesday evening and the day was rather pleasant, giving me hope that the Thursday morning run was on.

Thursday early morning the sound of heavy downpour woke me. I naturally get up around the 5:00am slot, so hurriedly I checked the clock and it showed 4:00am. But the Rain outside disappointed me. It was heavy and from indoors it sounded pretty bad. Oh Oh, here goes my plan for the morning run. Still I thought there is time and slept it out only to get up again at 5:25 am and though the rain had subsided there was strong winds and a heavy drizzle. It was still dark and I had to take a decision to go for it. Run in the Rain or skip it for another day.

Now here is the thing. Many times we reach this point when we have to take a decision. The weather or the circumstances is not favorable. The challenges outside look demotivating. The chances of things favoring us seem bleak. Yet we don’t get scared of the dark, we don’t worry about the thunder or the lighting. We don’t get bogged down by environment. Our faith in ourselves are stronger than the fears. We push, we take a chance and we go for it. Can’t recall many other things but Running is surely one thing that pushes me to “Brave the Storm” literally.

I went head at 545 am in the rain, the darkness and the chilly winds. I completed a 6 km 40 min run and though drenched with rain and soaked in the muddy street waters. I felt great, I felt complete. I felt accomplished.

What are those things in your life that stretch your souls, challenge your fears but you still go for it?

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