With my foot injured 3 weeks back during the “Josh main Hosh” run, I dint venture for a Sunday 10K for over 3 weeks now. But a 5k Run to get back to the groove, was always in the cards. So I set out on the clean and traffic-free whitefield roads on a cool sunday morning with the 80’s Bollywood retro music on my playlist Lost in my thoughts about work, my new non-profit initiative, my opportunity cost of leaving a well-paying job, my old team members and how we had all drifted apart etc etc..suddenly a pang jerked me out of my thoughts… This was a pang of hunger.

Now I am not a great Foodie and, in our family, that title belongs to my wife, hands down. Yet, scrolling through countless reels on Instagram, I had saved 2 eateries around town, mostly something closer to my place, for a quick sunday breakfast or a quite family dinner. Two new joints found favor and both were interesting and intriguing. Intriguing because these two food joints in the last few months had been the major cause of my driving misery. The huge traffic jams it was causing due to folks, driving in to eat or the haphazardly parked two-wheelers of swiggy and zomato. Driving around these 2 places has been really bad lately.

Nevertheless, today being a less run day, I thought to try out these two places for a small foodie roadtrip.

Once back home after my run, I asked my foodie wife – Hey shall we try this new place for today’s breakfast and this one for lunch? Sure, why not. was the immediate response from her. As if it would be any other when it came to food.

So, it was. For Breakfast it would be “Rameshwaram Cafe”, Brookfield and for lunch it would be the east Godavari type Andhra veg Lunch called “Butta Bhojanam” from the Subbaya Gari Hotel in Brookfield, Bangalore.

We reached “Rameshwaram Cafe” at 730 am and lo and behold. it was already full, the roadside cars parked almost for 500 meters on either side of the new dug out road was a bad start to the breakfast soujour. Nevertheless, we went in and ordered for the food. Everything was costlier then the normal udupis and the A2B’s but then everything on the menu started with Ghee. Ghee roast Dosa to ghee podi idli and ghee roast this and that. And of course a long line to the counter. See below pics of the cafe interior.

Food was good. Although not great, it was different, and ghee filled. Though a tad pricy for a regular Sunday breakfast but if ghee and cleanliness is your top priority then it is a good place to visit. But park at least 1 km away and walk the rest of the distance if you can.

with Breakfast done, it was time to try for the ” Butta Bhojanam” at Subbaya Gari Hotel. But being a Sunday, divine blessings and the sunday morning mass was inevitable. Completing them by early noon we reached our lunch destination.

On the main Kundana Halli – ITPL road, a little after the Kundana Halli Signal you will find the “Subbaya Gari Hotel”. It wasn’t as crowded as it had been during the early launch days, we walked in asking for the regular and popular family “butta meal”. basically, the rice is served in a bamboo basket called the “Butta”. But the packet for parcel was pretty big, and why not, it was supposed to contain, a spread of 16 dishes, for a family of 3-4.

The spread was quite big when spread at home, enough for the 4 adults in our family and more. Three variety of rice and plenty of dry and gravy veggie curries made it a complete veg family lunch. Pretty good I would say. If you want some variety and value, then this is a good option and of course if you love rice.

No complaints from anyone in the family and with a thumbs up from my wife. This was a nice Sunday Foodie RoadTrip around town. Try one yourself, you won’t be disappointed.


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