Taken up a challenge to go for the half marathon. Been running 5ks and 10ks for some time now. Must admin doing anything beyond 1.15 hours is really difficult for me. But then its always fun to chase the next impossible. So here I am taking up the 14 weeks challenge toomplete half marathons.

The NRC App as always gives me the right push, motivation and direction to get started. Even when I first started running the NRC app and the Amazon music app were the 2 biggest motivation for me to start and continue.

Lets see how this one goes.

As an update I complete 1 out of the 14 weeks yesterday. and completed all the 5 guided as advised in the training module. See image below.

So, let’s go and will keep all updated on the progress. If things go well, my race day should be Sunday April 30th for the half marathon. Excited for this one. Let’s Go.

For anyone thinking of a Half Marathon and Looking for motivation, see below the Nike App’s Training Plan.

Check out the NRC Training Plan, Half Marathon https://nikerunclub.sng.link/A6sko/96h7/r_dce840c48d


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