So here is a quick update on my half marathon goal. Very much in it. Though at times between fighting work schedules, children’s schedules and family demands, managing your personal discipline to maintain this goal is not very easy. It is very easy to slip one days schedule to the next or skip one training and moving on to the next, but then cheating on yourself will seldom every get you there. This becomes more personal, more addictive and more stubborn as the days pass.

The last 2 weeks had to be rushed as I had missed some schedules in the last week of December owing to my family road trip and vacation time. I had to add a few missed runs of December in the last weeks and hence it did get aggressive, and it did get difficult. The rare hard winter in Bangalore this year did not help. Cold chilly breeze as you run past the early morning mist does sing into your ears and the fists tend to become numb. Your body wants to give up, but your mind is what needs to be controlled.

Thats why I recommend running to people and the young ones starting their careers or their venture or any new and tough journey can be handled if one starts running as a regular habit. Every run is fight between the body and the mind. Starting from pushing yourself to get up from bed at 5:000am to finishing the 5k run even when your feel out of breadth. It’s always the mind that needs to be conquered before the legs or the lungs. Running is the training ground for bigger adventures in life.

Last mid week was bad for me too. for no reason in the middle of the week, dinner did not go well and somehow I missed a proper nights sleep and awake from 3:00am instead of the normal 5:00am , the hurried run at 530 am was extremely cold and exhausting. While i did finish the run, the day went like a zombie in a very bad body ache which forced me to take a pacetamol tablet. Thursday took rest which was actually a recovery run day and therefore I had to complete the week with all of Friday,Saturday and Sunday Running.

Nevertheless, the 10k this Sunday was very good. I completed the backlogs of the last 2 weeks and completing the 4 weeks of the 14 weeks half marathon training on a high.

Looking forward to the coming weeks. 10 more weeks is still long way to go for the 21 kms, half marathon. But I am going well and feel good. Let’s go. Let it Rip.


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