So here I am writing after 3 weeks of inactivity (running inactivity that is.). It started as a pain in the ankle after my 10k run that one Sunday 3 weeks back. Having grossly ignored that pain, I returned back the next day for a light recovery run. But that worsened it. My mission to reach the half marathon mark in 14 weeks left little room for reason. By the next few days, the pain did not subside, though it was not excruciating, it was very uncomfortable, and slowly I was not able to put my right foot down and walk normally. It was named “Tib Post Tendinitis”. No, no reference to the Ravising Raveen Tandon, the actor of the 90s.

In retrospect, I figured out the causes of this injury, though I cannot claim them to be the only ones. Firstly, in the pursuit of any challenge or mission, if it is sports based or athletic, DO NOT IGNORE SMALL INJURIES. what seem small can aggravate within no time and keep you out of active sports for weeks and sometimes months. Don’t overreact but best to take medical opinion from a proper ortho. Second, I have shifted from my regular Nike Running Shoe to a more minimalist adidas one. I think that is one big reason for this injury as any feet injury inn running is a result of improper foot landing, takeoff or padding in the shoe. I realized a minimalist shoe is not great for speed runs or even recovery runs. A well cushioned shoe helps road runners in landing and sprinting. INVEST IN A GOOD SHOE PLEASE. Finally, be practical when upping your game. We may feel good to move from a 3k run to 5k and 5k to 10k and 10k to half marathon and so on but be practical with how much time you have to train for that upgrade and during that time what is your lifestyle. If you are preparing for a 10k from a 5 k in 10 weeks and during those 3 weeks your family needs more time like exams of kids or relatives visiting, please move that plan. A dedicated training plan to up your game means a balanced lifestyle during that training period. PLAN YOU NEW TRAINING WHEN YOU HAVE LEAST DISTRACTIONS.

Anyways, whatever said and done, I took that bitter pill), showed my ortho and settled into 3 weeks of inaction albeit, very very reluctantly, as I was bang in the middle of my half marathon training. Gosh, I should not have changed my shoes. any ways in case something like this does happen to you. I recommend the following. Yes, any google search may also show the same, but my personal experience is a small addition. :). Here is what to do when you have a running related ankle injury. PS – This is not a medical advice.

RICE IT. Yes rice, not to eat or apply anywhere in the body but RICE the acronym. R-I-C-E. so what the hell is RICE.

R- Rest. Yes, rest is so common that no one finds time for it. We walk, we jump, we even try to run it off. Whatever it is that you need to do or feel like doing. STOP. unless Its nature’s call please do not attend any call. Make provision so that you REST while you try as much of doing your daily activities. Rest in super important. No don’t try a casual walk, don’t try a walk in the sun. Nothing works. Just rest. Try some upper body exercise of hands and shoulder, if you can’t stay without moving.

I-ICE – Yes ice, ice baby. apply ice to the injured part. take some ice cubes, roll it in a hanky or towel and apply it for 20 -30 seconds at a stretch if not more. this application of ice really helps. do it for 10 minutes with breaks and do it at least 3-4 times a day. Now some folks think applying heat is good. Well, mostly for athletic injuries ice is safer till you doctor tells otherwise. If you are into running, I suggest keep an ice pack always handy in your fridge.

C-Compression. Basically, cover the injured area with a crape bandage so that movement is restricted else we always want to walk, skip or jump for something important and thus miss rule number one – Rest. You can get compression bandages on amazon which is good, or any normal crepe bandage will also work. Don’t make it very tight but a firm grip is good. you may have to walk with a support /crutch or limp for some time while this is on but best is to restrict that movement. I removed it in the night, and I think that is also ok unless you have a dream of playing football with Ronaldo, you won’t need to move your foot much.

E -Elevation. This is supposed to help but keeping the foot at a higher level. maybe put you feel in the stool, table etc. if it is possible. But I really did not find any difference in this myself. I am neither overweight nor very heavy, in case that may impact. But if it helps you by keeping your foot elevated for some time, please do it.

Of course, these tips are my personal googled and tried tips. Nothing like a medical examination, if after 24- hours nothing changes. Anything serious rush to doctor immediately.

So, with that, my tendonitis is hopefully getting over. I did a small recovery run yesterday (Sunday) after 3 weeks and hopefully by this coming Sunday be able to complete a 8k and a 12k the following Sunday to get back to my practice and search of completing my 1st half – marathon soon.

Keep running, Keep living and in Coach Benettes word “Don’t do the running you want to do, Do the running you can do.”


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