TryRoadTrips is a blog about the various road journeys I have done in the last few years – either solo, friends or family. Road Trips are not like other journeys, Road Trips are different. Road Trips are a destination by themselves. Travel itself is an exploration of the self. Like JRR Tolkien has said “Not all who Wander are Lost”. Getting Lost in Travel is a gift…to come together with Nature, Earth , Wind and your Machine.

But Road Trips need not be only about car trips or bike trips. Bus Trips, Train Trips, Cycling Trips, Running Trips or even Hiking Trips. Every Road has a story and Every trip has a purpose. Journeys covered on land in our beautiful planet. Exploring new places and forgotten cities. Climbing new mountains and running new trails. Every Trip we make can be invigorating, cathartic , fulfilling and of course tiring 🙂 But Surely worth it.

TRT is also an “Active Travel ” Supporter. All Trips which are small and within a few kms can and should be done without any motorized vehicle so that we can do our part of reducing carbon and become carbon neutral. Even Long Trips in Cars , EVs or Motorcycles can be mixed with “Active Travel” plans like Hiking, Bicycling, Walking etc in your destination stations.

So go out, explore and share your amazing stories. Try Road Trips and Let your Journey Begin.

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