About TRT – Video.

Why TryRoadTrips

Vision– “TRT wants to help explorers travel the road less traveled , discover wonderful people and places and make wonderful memories along the way.

RoadTrips are not always about Car trips, they can be Bike trips, Bus trips, Train Trips,RV Trips , Cycling Trips or even a walk.Every Road Trip has a purpose.

Mission – “TRT’s mission is to help people do memorable roadtrips anywhere in the world.

1. Being a social platform dedicated to all forms of RoadTrips where users can ask, read and learn about trips anytime, anywhere.

2. Help people plan a roadtrip by building their own trips or looking through “guided roadtrips”.

3. Drive with the traveler as a navigation buddy and add miles of memories.

4. Destination Travel, Leisure Travel or Adventure sport. TRT helps users choose their own.

For Queries – mathew@tryroadtrips.com

“The open road is there,will always be there.You just have to decide when to take it…”


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