We all love to travel. Travel is a huge Industry. Business and leisure travel being the top reasons for travelling. Post Pandemic we are happy that things are getting back to normal. Any Travel will always include a road trip – as a first mile, last mile, or a complete Roadtrip. TryRoadTrips is meant for all such travelers, to meet at one common place with a mutual love for travel and Roadtrips.

Every trip we make, has a purpose which can be – to see a new place, find new people, connect with nature, learn new things, heal our bodies, or simply fill our souls. While this itself is great purpose, TRT aims to multiply this purpose with specific trips or activities which is aimed towards “active travel” or “responsible travel”.  

“Active Travel” is all forms of travel by non motorized means like cycling, hiking , running etc for short or long distances to reduce pollution and also improve your health and wellness. Please include “Active Travel” as part of your daily routine or travel itineraries. TRT promotes Trips that include “Active travel” to improve our  “Heath and Wellness” and also to reduce pollution.

“Responsible Travel” is any travel to destinations to promote the local business and local employment. TRT promotes RoadTrips that are aimed for “Responsible Travel” which can help local crafts, artisans, businesses and also safegaurd livelihoods and generate more employment for the local communities and people.  

Essentially , TRT aims to become a single platform which connects all people, places, products, and ideas that talk about Travel with a purpose be it for Active Travel, Responsible Travel , Adventure Travel or Social Travel ( Any RoadTrip to share with your socials).

While the platform is currently having details that I have curated or trips that I have taken, you can also share your “RoadTrip with a Purpose” story. I will be happy to share with the world .

If you are an organization, destination or a product connected with these themes, please feel free to connect with me and drive this cause forward. 🙂 

Every trip has a purpose – find yours, Join TryRoadTrips.com now.

My email is  – mathew@tryroadtrips.com

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