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TryRoadTrips is an essay about the various road journeys I have done in the last few years, either solo,friends or family.Road Trips are not like other journeys.Road Trips are different.Road Trips are a destination by themselves.Travel itself is an exploration of the self.Like JRR Tolkien has said “Not all who Wander are Lost”.Getting Lost in Travel is the ultimate gift…to come together with Nature, Earth , Wind and your Machine.

This Blog is to share my personal experiences but more then that want to hear from others about Trips they have taken, the experiences, good and sometimes bad, to places they have visited by road. It is only by sharing each others experiences during our travels that we can help others learn and plan their adventures.

Road Trips are not only for cars or bikes.Bus Trips, Train Trips,Cycling Trips or even Hiking Destinations, journeys covered on land in our beautiful planet.Exploring new places and forgotten cities.Climbing new mountains and running new trails. Every Trip we make can be very invigorating, very cathartic and very fulfilling and of course tiring :). But any trip on land by any mode is exploratory and adventurous and worth giving it a try.

TRT is about such explorations, new journeys and sharing and talking about such experiences. TryRoadTrips is for helping others  learn from such experiences and help people make their own trips.

So go out and explore and share amazing stories.Try Road Trips and Let your Journey Begin.

To Leave any comment or to Write to me, my email is  – mathew@tryroadtrips.com

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