what is active travel

Active Travel is a concept in travel that includes non-motorised means of travel. You can use bicycles, walking, trekking or running to visit places or see new things. Active travel helps in multiple ways – It Keeps you Healthy, It reduces Carbon Footprint, It saves Money, It is more absorbing.

The term active travel can also refer to vacations that involve energetic pursuits such as trekking or hiking. Though the term is often used for practical day to day errands or duties undertaken by walks and bicycles and avoid usage of cars or motorcycles, active travel can be a very conscious travel form where we not only have fun and enjoy but do it responsibly.

Try Road Trips is adopting an “Active Travel” philosophy for all its travel modes not only for short durations but also include “Active Mobility” during their long road trips. Specifically, the forms of “Active Travel” like Running / Bicycling and Hiking are hugely advocated . Please feel free to read and write your stories too.

See Video on Active Travel.

Active Travel

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