what is active travel

Active Travel is a concept in travel that includes non-motorised means of travel. You can use bicycles, walking, trekking or running to visit places or see new things. Active travel helps in multiple ways – It Keeps you Healthy, It reduces Carbon Footprint, It saves Money, It is more absorbing.

The term active travel can also refer to vacations that involve energetic pursuits such as trekking or hiking. Though the term is often used for practical day to day errands or duties undertaken by walks and bicycles and avoid usage of cars or motorcycles, active travel can also include eco-driving or eco-motorcycling to our destinations.

Try Road Trips is adopting an “Active Travel” philosophy for all its travel modes not only for short durations but also include “Active Mobility” during their long road trips.

See Video on Active Travel.

Active Travel

Health Benefits of Active Travel.

Source: UK Travel Journal – Gear Shift.

Sustainability Travel Hierarchy

The sustainable travel hierarchy is a useful tool to help you think about improving the impact of your journeys. The higher up the hierarchy, the more sustainable and greener the travel option.Β 

source: energy saving trust, UK.

How TRT Works to Promote “Active Travel”

Seeing the benefits of Heath and Planet yet satisfying our natural instinct to travel, explore and discover ourselves, TRT is working in the following ways.

  • Creating awareness about Active Travel through the website, blogs and writeups.
  • Sharing stories of Active Travelers in the site.
  • Helping fellow travelers in their RoadTrip Plans and informing them about Active Travel opportunities and facilities in the travel destinations they go to.
  • Talking to all the entities of the travel chain like hotels, resorts to spread awareness of “Active Travel” and brining and showcasing their activities in our platform.
  • Working with local authorities to build infrastructure to promote active travel.
  • Working with Health care industry partners to promote health tourism combined with Active Travel.
  • Organizing bicycling trips, Marathons, Walking trips in towns and cities for more adoption of Active Mobility.
  • Selling Merchandise promoting “Active Travel”.

Any ideas to build this further ,please do write to me – mathew@tryroadtrips.com

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