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Running Trips

Josh main Hosh

Whenever we aim for something beyond the normal, beyond our comfort zones, we always seek motivation. Sometimes we want to break the monotony, sometimes make a new start, sometimes we want to reach a goal, sometimes we want to prove a point to ourselves or sometimes we want to impress others. Whatever be the challenge, […]

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road trips Running Trips

Nightmare on Run Street

The Recent tragedy of the CEO of an IT company in Mumbai, India, getting hit by a car during her morning run has led to lot of heartburn and angst among the running community. At one hand the free-spirited activity which heals body, mind and soul is slowly gaining momentum and on the other hand, […]

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man helping a player with the injury during the game
Running Trips

Runners Tendonitis

So here I am writing after 3 weeks of inactivity (running inactivity that is.). It started as a pain in the ankle after my 10k run that one Sunday 3 weeks back. Having grossly ignored that pain, I returned back the next day for a light recovery run. But that worsened it. My mission to […]

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person making clay pot in front of girl during daytime
Training upskilling

training & skill development

Introduction Upskilling and skill development are essential for individuals and organizations to stay competitive in today’s ever-changing job market. Upskilling is the process of learning new skills or improving existing ones to stay ahead of the competition. Skill development is the process of acquiring new skills or improving existing ones to increase one’s value in […]

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