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Bangalore – Pondicherry – A Family RoadTrip

And so, on the eve of Christmas, the 24th of December, we started on what was literally a family road trip. My family, my mom and my sister’s family all geared up for our first joint road trip to Pondicherry from Bangalore. With both our kids in college and high school, holidays were limited forcing […]

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RV or EV? That’s a Question.

Sunday was Hectic, hectic almost like Jerry Bruckheimer’s second installment of his 1986 blockbuster “Top Gun”. Between Faith calling , read the Sunday mass ending at 11:am and the confirmed booking at Inox for Tom’s flick “TG-Maverick”, starting 430 pm..I had to zoom to Nandi Hills, finish a meeting, pick up the kids, stuff in […]

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