noida shared auto trip

noida shared auto trip noida shared auto trip noida shared auto trip

Some trips are necessary to make. it doesn’t matter the comfort or the cost. one such trip to my recent work trip to delhi / noida was the one that i took from noida sector 63 to noida sector 29 a place called Brahmaputra complex.

During 1998-2000 this was a small chanty place just for some local folks to meet and find some basic essential stuff like tailor, one medicine shop, one south indian restaurant called lakshmi , some sutta shops etc.
Nevertheless, this was the place we decided to meet. Romani one of the 4 idiots. (our whatsapp group name, between binod,romani,anurag and myself).
Since it was a friday evening the metro was crowded, cabs were declining as this was a relatively short distance. No independent auto was available. My only option was to sit in the crowded shared auto. Not really something I would prefer normally but who cares. The plan was to meet 1 idiot and other idiots parents. This was a nostalgic and painful. I left Noida in August 2002 with only my maruti 800 car and now after 20 years and countless memories later I was back to meet Uncle Aunty and Pinto.
The auto ride was cramped with 10 people , a mix crowd of some young office goers , some laborers and general random folks seeking out in the friday night revelry.
The 30 minutes ride brought back so many noida memories of my college days. I missed the push and pull, the shove and push, the sweaty and the stink. Everything just blurred in the background.
Reached sector 29 by paying 20 rs and went on to meet idiot romani and idiots binods lovely parents.
Love, Friendship and bonding sees no fear, no money, no circumstances nothing.
Some Trips means only the meeting and memory of a lifetime.
This Noida Trip was one such one.

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