Abu Dhabi – Dubai Road Trip.

So here we were, finally travelling to Abu, as a family.Sitting in the Bangalore airport lounge around 10:30 pm at night,tired after the entire process of reaching Bangalore airport by Road,navigating baggage,immigration etc. So when the kids told me they were hungry , it was obvious.Only issue was the boarding call had started and almost... Read more

Noida to Shimla – By Bike.

Looking back, I must say that this has to be one of the most wonderful trips of my life. Not because of the destination or the journey but the sheer impulse of the trip and the randomness at every step. This was way back in summer of 97. My second year during MBA classes in... Read more

Bangalore – Bhutan – Family Road Trip – Dec 2019.

Well, This was it.Finally what seemed like a whackish,whimsical idea few months back ...a statement made in a simple Brag, now had to be done.The Bangalore to Bhutan Family Road Trip, was to happen.It was now or never. :) Planning a Road Trip ,including kids & wife is never easy.Its just not about the origin... Read more

IIT – Kanpur By Road. Nov – 2019.

Kanpur is an Amazing city, torn between time.Landing in a makeshift airport, travelling a city with a glorious industrial past and futuristic technology minds.(IIT-Kanpur).A Road trip in Kanpur can be so fulfilling and yet so enigmatic. Try Kanpur by road and local cuisine and the local language can be so enchanting. Dont finish without a... Read more

Velankani – A Spiritual Road Trip.

Some Road Trips are not for seeing outside but for seeing inside.This was one such trip in my mind for some time.Actually felt guilty that from all the trips i keep planning and doing some, few should also be spiritual Trips. Well for me Road Tripping itself is Spiritual,soulful.But still.Hence planned a imprompto mostly road […]

Bangalore-Kanyakumari-Varkala – Dec 2018.

Finally could drive to the southern tip of India,Kanyakumari. This place was in my scheme of things for a long time as every day my drive to work included a small stretch through the NH-44, and the NG signboard showing Kanyakumari. I always felt the calling to drive off to the southern end of india.... Read more

2016 May. Bangalore – Coorg.

Distance - 250 kms approx.Road Types - NH and SH, Country Road via Coffee Estates.Quality of Roads - 7/ 10.Country Roads in Coorg - 9 / 10.Traffic Conditions : Moderate , Peak during Festivals.specially Mysore entry.Avoid Abbey Falls, entry by car as its slippery and steep during rains.no proper management at site.better to walk the... Read more

May 2015 – London City.

London is an amazing city..and to cover all of it in one day is simply impossible...and being a first timer, not aware of the various tube connections nor the bus routes, the only alternative seemed to walk it....yes, walking:). Many might say it is impossible but i think if you venture into this option ,you... Read more