An amazing Road Trip with Family Covering 4 states , 4 capitals, multiple towns and Villages.5000 kms. Infinite memories.

Total Distance – 5000kms Round Trip including internal Sightseeing.

Car – Scorpio VLX

Road Rating – Overall – 8 / 10.NH-7,NH-9,NH-5 ( via Vijaywada)

Hotels  – Rating  – Best Western, Hyderabad. Rating 7 / 10., Ginger – Vishakaptnam – 5 / 10.Ginger BHubaneswar – 8 / 10.Formula-1 Hyderabad – 7 / 10.Orange Hotel – Vishakapatnam – 6 / 10.

Risk Factors – Hyderabad  – Vishakapatnam Stretch little confusing,Use BP Petrol Bunks for Toilets. Not great Roadside Food…but manageble..

Dec 2015 – South – East – India – RoadTrip

London is an amazing city..and to cover all of it in one day is simply impossible…and being a first timer, not aware of the various tube connections nor the bus routes, the only alternative seemed to walk it….yes, walking:). Many might say it is impossible but i think if you venture into this option ,you will have an amazing memory of a lifetime….A different sort of a road Trip..Not really country roads and rubber hitting the road but for once city roads amidst the bustling london streets of red buses and back taxis….here is an amazing tale of a road trip in the city of london ..all in a single day..with me are my cousin Suman and her italian friend.

London City near Hyde Park  London Street.

Inside Hyde Park The Serpentine Lake, Hyde Park,London.

Princess Diana Memorial - Hyde Park Princess Diana Memorial ,Hyde Park,London


Victoria Memorial,London


Palace of Westminister, UK Parliament,Big Ben,London.


137Thames, London Eye,London with Suman,My Cousin.


IMG_4470Tower Bridge,London.

London Tube - City's Saviour London Tube.

154London Bridge.

A short trip from London by Train to Guildford Station from where my friend Susmit, picked me up and dro ve me to his place.A small stay at his place and the next day a short drive to the Great Historical Town of Oxford.Small Surface Road Trips including Train and Car is really awesome and very memorable.A must visit place for people visiting London, Guildford and Oxford.

London town, use tube by picking up a day long ticket.for 20 – 25 Pounds…which can take care of your day long journey by tube,bus,even train to Guilford…Smaller towns might be little difficult to travel locally except by local busus though they are not very frequent.

Here is the link to the Google Maps:

Link to the Google Maps – London – Guildford – Oxford













This was the Kerela Road trip long due.I had started to think to make it to Kanyakumari in this trip, however it could not be done..So that Southern most part of India is still due.However for now this 6 day road trip in south Kerela was very nice and interesting..The Roads were fairly ok for most part of the journey , though navigating in Kochi city can be very difficult with the metro construction on in Full Swing. The Trip started early morning at 6:00 am leaving our home in Brookefeild,Kundanahalli Bangalore.. light packing and kids with no breakfast was a good beginning…however a word of caution if your kinds mostly i mean below 12 years old are empty from overnight dinner, its best to leave it that way so that they get over the morning daze and only when completely up stop for a light breakfast…One mistake to be avoided in give them a glass of milk early morning before a 6-8 hour road might cause some kids to throw up…

Please carry polythene bags as a quick fix to hand over a child in case they throw up ,as it might not always be possible to pull over the car travelling at 100kmph..or the roads might not be conducive or traffic not helpful etc… Nevertheless the route taken by us was Bangalore – Salem – Coimbatore ( detour) – Pallakad – Kochi.Roughly 550 kms..with a 30 minute breakfast break and a 45 minute lunch break and few here and there breaks, should get you to Kochi in roughly 8 hours…we had started at 6 :00 am and reached by 3pm..but searching for our stay in ernakulam and also the kochi traffic specially around the metro construction belt is a dampner..and should add another hour or so in your journey time.We finally reached around 5pm. We were staying close to the MG Road of Ernakulum,Kochi…in close proximity to major shopping centers, churches, high court and the marine drive..

Wayanad in Summers.