Some Road Trips are not for seeing outside but for seeing inside.This was one such trip in my mind for some time.Actually felt guilty that from all the trips i keep planning and doing some, few should also be spiritual Trips. Well for me Road Tripping itself is Spiritual,soulful.But still.Hence planned a imprompto mostly road […]

Finally could drive to the southern tip of India,Kanyakumari. This place was in my scheme of things for a long time as every day my drive to work included a small stretch through the NH-44, and the NG signboard showing Kanyakumari. I always felt the calling to drive off to the southern end of india. But Time and Tide are not bounded by human fantasies.So I had to wait for that day… Read More

Recount of our annual family Roadtrip to Daman..

Distance – 250 kms approx. Road Types – NH and SH, Country Road via Coffee Estates. Quality of Roads – 7/ 10.Country Roads in Coorg – 9 / 10. Traffic Conditions : Moderate , Peak during Festivals.specially Mysore entry. Avoid Abbey Falls, entry by car as its slippery and steep during proper management at site.better to walk the last mile, 2 kms. Toll gates jammed during entry and exit in long… Read More

An Amazing 5000kms Journey through 4 States and Capitals..of south East India.