A short trip from London by Train to Guildford Station from where my friend Susmit, picked me up and dro ve me to his place.A small stay at his place and the next day a short drive to the Great Historical Town of Oxford.Small Surface Road Trips including Train and Car is really awesome and very memorable.A must visit place for people visiting London, Guildford and Oxford. London town, use tube by… Read More

This was the Kerela Road trip long due.I had started to think to make it to Kanyakumari in this trip, however it could not be done..So that Southern most part of India is still due.However for now this 6 day road trip in south Kerela was very nice and interesting..The Roads were fairly ok for most part of the journey , though navigating in Kochi city can be very difficult with the… Read More

Wayanad in Summers is a very nice roadtrip from bangalore approx 250 kms ,try to do a kozikode drive from wayanad. The hairpins and slopes are an awesome drive option.

Nothing much to say about this journey. Bangalore to Goa by Road is one of the most cherished trips for any one who love roadtrips. Nothing like driving in the scenic goa. no questions asked or told, JUST DO IT 🙂