Many Trips are memorable but not so many are forgetful too. This was an impromptu trip which in retrospect I regretted. Bangalore-  Chikmangalure is a short an sweet roadtrip  for anyone looking for a quick coffee break. it was a surprise trip for mom who was told we are going to have coffee outside, she realized that coffee was only 250 kms outside in the coffee capital of Karnataka, Chikmangalure. Try… Read More

Well, these days I have absolutely forgotten that Road Trips can extend beyond brookefield to Silk board. ( My home to office 🙂 ).so anything beyond really is a big bonus. Couple of weeks back I got an opportunity to visit the NIT Suratkal Campus for Campus hiring.Keen on any form of travel I was eager to take it up.The early morning flight from Bangalore to Mangalore was refreshing..I get up at… Read More

Well this one road trip is quite memorable because it must have been by far one of the scariest road trips in my life so far.Not that it was a fun or great driving,nothing remotely like that but the sheer exciting 4 hours is a must for me to write home about this road trip. Well to start with night drive trips are dangerous and risky,but if you have a traveller or… Read More

I can never forget the months long road trip made in France long long time back when I had been there just after college.Beautiful as France is as a country.Even more splendid is the countryside and the beautiful sea coasts of France. The beauty of it all is I think only by Road.If the chills of Paris in the morning will get at yu the sweaty coastal climate of the french reveira… Read More

Day 1 – Noida. And so, we set out that rainy evening around 6:00pm for Agra our first stop for the night. The idea was to meet my aunt and exchange few pleasantries, food, drink and night-out before moving on ahead. Pulling the backseats of the 800 down to load the stuff, I could just barely see through the rear view but then what the heck who really wanted to see what… Read More