Running is the beginning of the endurance. Running as a feature in TRT can be confusing. But not Really. If any of you run , you will know that every run is like a journey, almost like a trip. We run in our heads first before we run out there in the field, in the street or in the park. Whether we run a 20 minute easy run or a 5k run or a 10 k run, every run is a trip talking to yourself. Its a great experience running and so I thought it deserves a space amongst the various roadtrips we do using other modes of transport. so go ahead read and share few of your running stories. I am greatly influenced by Coach Bennett of the Nike Run Club, the app that I use during my runs.

Please feel free to share your running story with me at , I will try to feature it for others to learn and run their parts too.

Morning runs

Morning Runs

Early morning runs with sunrise.

Speed Runs

Speed Running

Trail Running

Trail Running.

Let’s build something together.

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