Try Road Trips


So here we were, finally travelling to Abu, as a family.Sitting in the Bangalore airport lounge around 10:30 pm at night,tired after the entire process of reaching Bangalore airport by Road,navigating baggage,immigration etc. So when the kids told me they were hungry , it was obvious.Only issue was the boarding call had started and almost all boarding completed except for the 4 of us.Why? Because the chicken noodles was getting prepared in… Read More

Well, This was it.Finally what seemed like a whackish,whimsical idea few months back …a statement made in a simple Brag, now had to be done.The Bangalore to Bhutan Family Road Trip, was to happen.It was now or never. ๐Ÿ™‚ Planning a Road Trip ,including kids & wife is never easy.Its just not about the origin or the destination.Its about which States to take, which hotels to stay, which highways to take, safety… Read More