1. Hoonr.org is free platform for promoting employability and employment. Please confirm to use this for the same purpose and help the youth of the country be gainfully employed.
  2. Please spread the word so that more professionals can use this platform for listing themselves and more and more students , freshers and graduates can gain from career services provided by experts and professionals.
  3. The aim of hoonr is to let professionals help freshers in areas of career development, skill development or employment.
  4. Freshers must use this platform to seek advice from professionals who have listed themselves to share their expertise or experience. It does not guarantee or imply any direct recruitment or job vacancies.
  5. Freshers must do their own due diligence before making any final decisions.
  6. By Registering on Hoonr.org, you agree to use this platform as a pure and honest effort to help one another in finding and settling down into jobs and careers and not discriminate any one on the basis of age, religion, caste, nationality, color or sex.

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