Terms of Service

TryRoadTrips is a travel themed social platform to promote different types of roadtrips.

The users in the platform can connect over a social network with other runners, bikers, cyclists or travel enthusiasts.

Every user needs to register and share, read, like, and promote the cause of roadtrips with actual stories.

Users will have a default status of “Traveller” however they can choose any other profile type also.

Users Registering in the site will not share information which is private, personal or sensitive information.

Users will share their travel, trips, notes or stories in their own free will and not hold the site responsible for any grievances which can deem to arise from using this site.

The site is created with a simple objective of facilitating and helping new runners, bikers, hikers and all form of roadtrippers.

TryRoadTrips will not be responsible for any accidental loss, damage or pilferage of Data.

This is a pure social and voluntary site to promote travel and roadtrips for heath, adventure and character-building purpose. Let us keep it like that only.

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