1. Hoonr.org is free platform for promoting employability and employment. Usage of this platform is purely for the same purpose and help the youth of the country be gainfully employed.
  2. There are two parties in the platform. The Listers (Vendors) who list their services and the Users who use the services of the Listers.
  3. The Listers belong to the career guidance services category and can be a mentor, trainer, counsellor or a recruiter.
  4. Career counsellors are certified and existing practitioners.
  5. Trainers are training by themselves or belong to a training company.
  6. Recruiters can be from a Recruitment Consultancy or from a corporate company. They will list either jobs or internship opportunities for the users.
  7. Mentors are industry experts in any of the given career streams having worked in that area of expertise for a minimum of 5 years. For industry experts with more than 5 years’ work exp. but less then 10 years are categorized as Level-1 Mentors. For industry experts with a minimum of 10 years of work experience are categorized as Level-2 Mentors.
  8. Mentors can or cannot be employed at the time of Mentoring but must have completed the minimum years of experienced desired.
  9. Users looking for any of the mentioned career guidance services must be a graduate in any stream.
  10. Users (students, professionals or beginners) seeking career guidance services must connect or collaborate with career guidance providers with utmost respect and discipline.
  11. Any complaints from either the service providers or the service seekers will lead to immediate removal from the platform and necessary action will be initiated.
  12. All interaction and services of this platform is virtual and hoonr does not promote or provide any in-person meeting, discussions or collaborations. Users doing so will be doing it on their own risk and will and not as any request whatsoever from the platform.
  13. For any queries, please write to – mathew.gomes@gmail.com
  14. Please spread the word so that more professionals can use this platform for listing their services and more users can find the right career.
  15. This is a purpose drive social enterprise and meant for building the employability and employment of the youth. Please keep this discipline and decorum and the cause in mind first.

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