Planning a RoadTrip is not like planning any other Trip.A road Trip is a complete journey planning from destination to stay to Budget to Route.Each bit needs little more planning. travelling at your destination is as important as reaching your destination.Many times we are driving or riding alone in lonely highways, deserted streets with only the road ahead and the sky above for company.

5 Things one must do before starting on a Trip.

  1. Route Planning with at least 2 alternates.
  2. Stay Planning.
  3. Budget Planning.
  4. Top “must visits”/ “must see” list.
  5. Travel Accessories to Travel Light.

Route Planning : I would recommend to plan your route carefully including doing a virtual recce with alternate route options, as many times the local conditions can change.Weather, Rules or Regulations or sometimes even local people can change your plans.Safety is important.Google has the best route planning options.Try Below.

Trip Route

Trip Budget

Trip Budget: Planning a RoadTrip can be a nightmare for Budget.It may look an easy task but surely one must try it to see.Fuel and Food during your travel days are 2 important cost parameters.Most road side dhabas in India are reasonable but for a more safer and finer lunching option it can be difficult searching for the right place to eat without burning a hole or straying too much into the city.During Transit one must stick to the highway places to eat. Carry Dry Fruits,Snacks & fruits for interim snack option.Children should eat less in the mornings if you are planning a hilly drive.Avoid milk or milk based food for breakfast for kids.

Fuel cost indicator is given below, you can try it.

Stay should always be booked in advance unless you are the adventurer and want a starry starry night.Please avoid if with family as last minute bookings can be a high cost and there is nothing more relieving than knowing you can hit the bed safely after a long arduous journey.

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Plan Trip Dates.

Drive to Manali
6:00amFrom New Delhi, Sarojini Nagar

Plan Your Stay.

Plan Your Must See / Must Visits / Must Try

Breakfast at Tiffanys

The Breakfast in Pune Hyatt Place is Awesome.

Veg Biryani

Sea Food in Goa.

Finished Planning? Do a Recce of your Journey with Google Earth.

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lake surrounded with mountains

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