Well, the answer to the title question is an emphatic YES. Why only Running, I will go on to say that Every Activity on TryRoadTrips like cycling, hiking,motorcycling or driving can also build careers. How you may ask. Here are my arguments for the same.

Solo Activities build skills like planning, goal setting, crisis management and self-discipline. Any activity taken for to travel, to discover, to explore brings out the most curious and creative side of us. But as we settle into our work lives and routine of presentations and people management. we seldom get curious, lest we may come across as silly, immature or even plain stupid. Who wants to jeopardize our careers and jobs and so we get into a daily grind of familiarity and loose our creativity and curiosity. Thats the reason from time to time we must do solo trips to unplanned destinations or even explore places where literally where no man has ever gone before. But for a fresher and a young college graduate, life has just started. Don’t worry about mistakes and don’t worry about familiarity. Explore and get more curious and build creativity and curiosity as a strategic soft skill.

Running,Cycling or Hiking trips and activities builds self-discipline and character. When we are exploring a new place or new city or new location by running, hiking or cycling. we have to become more disciplined. Leaving the confines of familiar territory means being careful without getting fearful. Fear will only hold us back and stop us from discovery. But a foolhardy approach and throwing caution to wind also is not advisable. Hence treading the thin line between fear and care is what we learn on such solo adventures. We build character with this, we build resilience, and we build confidence. These soft skills impact our day today life tremendously in so many ways which we may not be able to measure.

Motorcycling and Driving solo are such actitvities which for many are soulsearching and indulging to such an extent that we loose ourselves into it and transform into anotehr creature and transport into a different world altogether. Like meditation, motorcycling can purify our soul and give a whole new perspective to the world in which we live in. Drving at a cruise speed across the mountains or the beaches can inspire us to see the world from a very different lense and question our ego’s, our mansions of pride and surreal world of make belief in which we mostly live. Take a solo trip for 1000 kms , you will find every answer. Students or freshers who may think , that this is a costly affair. It isnt. Just make up your mind to travel solo or in a group, you will find the solution coming to you. Keep an open mind. This trip is a must for every college graduate. I would go and actually make it mandatory for someone to get a graduating degree. 🙂 . You will build a sense of purpose and a sense of adventure so necessary to settleinto a career which becomes more fulfilling.

None of these life changing skills can be attained inside the classroom, believe me. Many years back when I missed a seat in the top B School in India. I was in deep regret, I felt hurt and defeated. but when I finally took admission in another college, I made it a point to learn life skills if not deep academic knowledge. Till date that decision has made me complete as a human being, as I went on to do so many travel stories and road trips across the length and breadth of India.

Finally, apart from the skills I made mentioned above there are real world practical benefits of Running,Cycling,Hiking,Biking and Driving.

Active Travel – A global Initiative for staying healthy and saving the planet.

Sustainable Living – Exploring and visiting places helps local trade, employment and development.

Biophilia – This trend is at its highest touch point nowdays. Man is by instinct tuned to connect with nature. We love the open, the beauty and the vastness of nature, land and animals. Any activity in nature like running,cycling hiking etc is good for body, heart and mind. Specific benefits of Biophilia can be (source – times of India)

  • Calmness of mind and body.
  • Reduced Stress.
  • Makes new acquaintance.
  • Offers less distractions.
  • Brings Focus.
  • Improves self-esteem
  • Increases energy levels.
  • Get better sleep
  • Helps maintain proper BP and blood sugar levels.
  • Balances the nervous system.

Types of Biophilia Activities from TryRoadTrips.

  • Jog in the park.
  • Trail running
  • Cycle in the woods
  • Mountain Biking
  • Coast to Coast driving
  • Countryside motorcycling

Now how does it all connect with a very practical need of building a career. Well, a career is firstly made by a choice, a decision. Only when we explore more and keep an open and calm mind can we take the right decision of which carer to pursue.

Once the decision is right, it will give us the direction. Once we have direction, then we need the acceleration. Speed can be attained with the right skills. While hard skills, employable skills will be attained in the classroom; to click in the interviews, to build your network, to succeed socially, we must build soft skills. interpersonal skills that will make us confident and likeable to people. Its only when people like us, see our sense of purpose and commitment along with confidence, shall doors start to open and careers start building.


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